Vocabularies published by the Geological Survey of Queensland

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Automated Pagination (more)

To page through these items, use query string arguments 'page' and 'per_page'. HTTP Link headers of first, prev, next & last are given in web responses.

Example, assuming 500 items, page 7, of 50 per page, is given by:


Link header with a response assuming 500 items would be:

Link:   <.../?per_page=500> rel="first",
<.../?per_page=500&page=6> rel="prev",
<.../?per_page=500&page=8> rel="next",
<.../?per_page=500&page=10> rel="last"

If you want to page through the whole collection, start at first and follow link headers until you reach last or until no last is given. You shouldn't try to calculate each page query string argument yourself.

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A proud White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, in recognition of the active steps taken to recognise, prevent, respond and support staff affected by domestic and family violence. We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace.